HappyFunTimes Docs


You can install HT on Windows machines by downloading the precompile instller.

Problems with Windows code signing

As of Windows 8 programs for Windows need to be "code signed". Signing costs $200-$500 a year which for an open source project is very NOT COOL. If anyone knows how to get a cheaper open source project code signed please contact me.

What this means to you is when installing in Windows you might run into issues. Here's how to get around them.

Go to your Downloads folder and double click the installer. You'll probably get a message something like

Windows Protection

Click "More" and you'll see this.

Windows Warning

Click "Run Anyway". After that you'll have to find HappyFunTimes. On the start screen there's a tiny message at the bottom

Windows New Apps

After that you'll find it under H

Windows HappyFunTimes