HappyFunTimes Docs

HTML5/Electron Game Structure

Each HFT game consists of two different components that must exist to run the game properly. One component is the game and one is the controller, which both also have corresponding Javascript and CSS files.


Basic file structure

These files are required for all HappyFunTimes games

controller.html             // The HTML for your controller
game.html                   // The HTML for your game
main.js                     // The code that launches game.html in Electron
package.json                // Names your game and your dependencies

These files are required if you want to ship your game as a standalone app

build/icon.icns             // An Icon for your app on Mac at least 256x256
build/icon.ico              // An Icon for your app on Windows at least 256x256

For more information about the package.json file, visit the Package Json page.

Game Component

The game component runs on PC that is connected to a TV. This component receives input from the controllers and displays the computed results on the screen.


The game.html file contains the HTML that will be used to display the game itself. You can use any HTML5 based game library like Phasar, Pixi.js, Turbulenz, Cocos-2DX, Three.js, etc. Happyfuntimes itself is only a library that provides a way to use smartphones as controllers.

Controller Component

The controller component is what runs on the mobile devices that are used by the players to control their player or control other parts of the game. There can be multiple active controllers at the same time as they represent the single players of the game.


The controller.html file contains the HTML that will be displayed on the mobile device. Depending on the type of the game, there could be a single touch area, gamepad-like move controllers or input fields for text.

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