HappyFunTimes Docs

Handling Disconnect and Reconnect.

For many games this doesn't matter. Do nothing. A player that disconnects and reconnects later just starts as a new player. The majority of samples HappyFunTimes games work this way.

But, let's say you're making a multi-player long play game something like

A player is expected to play for 15 minutes to an hour. While they are playing waiting for other players to make their moves they go get a snack or start reading their facebook newsfeed.

Finally when it's time for them to make a move again they've disconnected.

There's 2 ways around this.

  1. If your game has a fixed number of characters you can try using the PlayerConnector.

    The PlayerConnector lets you designate GameObjects in your scene to connect players to. The GameObjects are never deleted. If a player reconnects they'll be attached to the same GameObject they were before.

    For more info see Controlling GameObjects already in the scene.

  2. Use NetPlayer.GetSessionId()

    In your game each NetPlayer object has a session id. You can access the session id by calling m_netPlayer.GetSessionId(). That id will stay the same when a player reconnects to a game.

    So, you can make some player state, associate it with the session id, then if a player reconnects you can use their session id to get their old state. For example

    class PlayerState {
      public int score = 0;
      public int characterClass = 0;
    static Dictionary<string, PlayerState> s_playerStates = new Dictionary<string, PlayerState>();
    void InitializeNetPlayer(SpawnInfo spawnInfo) {
        m_netPlayer = spawnInfo.netPlayer;
        // See if we already have state for this player
        PlayerState playerState = null;
        if (!s_playerStates.TryGetValue(m_netPlayer.GetSessionId(), out playerState)) {
            // This is a new player so setup their player state
            playerState = new PlayerState();
            // Save it in case they disconnect and reconnect later
            s_playerStates[m_netPlayer.GetSessionId()] = playerState;
        // adjust the GameObject based on PlayerState

Of course it's not that simple. What do you do if they never reconnect? Maybe it got too late and they left. Maybe they got sucked into a conversation and are no longer interested in playing. Maybe their battery died on their phone. All of that is a design issue and I can't really help but it's something you should think about if you're designing a long play game.